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Southern Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal


All-Natural Charcoal

Looking to grill with premium lump charcoal? You’ve clicked on the right place! Fuel your fires with MADE•WITH charcoal, free of additives and synthetics for a cleaner, more flavorful grilling experience. Whether you’re looking for natural wood charcoal because you want a hotter fire, better temperature control or less ash, you’ll love what we offer at MADE•WITH.

Because it’s 100% natural lump charcoal, it allows you to experience the true flavor of the foods you’re cooking. You also won’t deal with any of the spitting or sparking common with other similar methods. Free of coal, fillers and chemicals, our charcoal is the natural, quality way to grill.

Whether you’re looking for beet chips, olive oil, or charcoal for grilling, MADE•WITH Foods is the company committed to transparency in all our products. We list ingredients front and center on our label, so you can know exactly what’s inside the items you buy. While you’re ordering some charcoal, why not stock up on other grilling essentials, such as organic condiments? We provide free shipping on all ambient orders over $39.99 (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

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