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What could be a better toast topper than organic preserves from MadeWith Foods? Available in a range of delicious varieties — from apricot to concord grape to mixed berry — our organic jams and jellies preserve summer’s sweetness year-round. Celebrate the incomparable flavor of freshly picked, ripe blueberries, raspberries and more by spreading our all-natural jam on your sandwiches; using it in baked goods; sweetening marinades; and keeping it on hand to stir into yogurt, ice cream or whatever you like. Each jar of organic fruit preserves features fresh, sun-ripened, carefully curated organic fruits to maximize flavor and freshness.

Not only are our jams delicious, but they’re also made to the finest standards. Our commitment to transparency defines our brand. Whether you’re picking up a jar of organic apricot preserves or concord grape jelly, you’ll see that we list all ingredients front and center on our natural jam packaging, so you know exactly what’s in your food. With our organic, non-GMO, natural fruit preserves, you can rest easy you’re getting the highest level of quality and care in every jar. On top of that, we provide free shipping on all ambient orders over $39.99 (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

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