From ingredients on the front of the package to products that’ll blow your flavor-loving mind, Made•With® prides itself on making something different and delicious.

Did we mention that even our non-organic natural products are free from more than 150 artificial ingredients? If you are curious, here is the list.

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Food that’s not afraid to bare it all!

Made•With® foods are made with…foods.

It sound simple, because it is. Real ingredients you recognize, with none of the colors, preservatives, and artificial flavors you don’t.

It’s no mystery. We have nothing to hide. That’s why we put our ingredients out front. Our foods aren’t afraid to bare it all. In fact, they’ll blow your flavor-loving mind.

Because real food can also be a real experience. It’s not crazy, just crazy good. It’s food that feeds your curiosity. Totally simple with complex taste.

That’s the sweet spot…where the real thing and the far out collide.

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